Raising kids naturally

Raising kids naturally

Raising kids naturallyRaising kids naturallyRaising kids naturally



Set in a mature and quiet neighbourhood, Montessori in the Woods is a relaxing and natural place where children:

  • can be themselves,
  • experience slow pace living and learning, 
  • connect with nature,
  • eat wholesome nourishing plant-based food,
  • garden & grow vegetables,
  • spend lots of time outside, 
  • do arts & cooking,
  • pursue academic and practical subjects. 

Our school has all the aspects of a traditional Montessori education and yet on many levels it resembles a Waldorf style school, as the love for nature, outdoors and natural living is in the forefront of our philosophy. 

We offer curriculum for the ages 2.5 - 6. 

“To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. 

But, to consider the school as a preparation for life is another. 

In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life.”

                                  -  Maria Montessori