Our Philosophy



Montessori in the Woods provides a child-oriented educational system based on the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. More than ever the needs of children must be put in the forefront as the children today are faced with unprecedented challenges. Fast paced living,overwhelming schedules, competitive environments, electronics, social media, lack of exposure to nature and poor nutrition are just a few examples. 

Montessori in the Woods is a small community aiming to work closely with parents and teachers to support the developmental needs of every child in our care. It has been observed and proven that the success of the child greatly depends on this mutual co-operation. Therefore we offer frequent educational nights to discuss and educate parents on the teaching philosophy and to expose parents to information available to raise and support their child as naturally as possible. Many topics are discussed on a regular basis. 

Our goal is to support children in their educational journey, which includes not only learning, but it is a journey of formation of the self. On this journey we recognize that children must be given the opportunity to show their inner-selves, which means that our teachers and staff must have a profound and deep empathy and belief in each child. This journey is greatly supported by the Montessori method, which recognizes that children best thrive in self-discipline and in an environment that gives freedom and independence. This freedom is always appropriate to their developmental stage. 

Our wish for the members of The Montessori in the Woods community is to promote peace, respect and love for oneself, others and for all life and to become loving and curious and to enjoy learning for life. 

CONNECTION TO NATURE - essential part of the school


PROPER FOOD AND NUTRITION - inseparable from education