Plant-based/vegan lunches and snacks made fresh at school

Children learn about food

Growing up with the right attitude towards healthy eating and appreciating good food is the attitude we would like to instill in our students and their families. 

During our work cycle children will be included in a discussion about food, as we will be preparing fresh, plant-based/vegan meals right on the premises. Our students will get to touch, see and learn about the foods we cook. They will learn about how food grows, where it grows and what nutritional value it has. Eventually we will grow some vegetables in our outdoor area. The meal will be simple, children friendly and nutritious at the same time. The produce and food staples will be sourced locally as much as possible and organic if possible. We will even discuss some common issues we face today with food, such as GMO's, chemical sprays and of course processed foods, junk and inappropriate eating habits.