Children and nature


Children gravitate towards the natural world

Simply being outside is very exciting for small children. Every thing is interesting, the sounds, the colours, the textures, the smells. Birds, animals, bugs, worms, the soil - all of it is fascinating for them. We strive to incorporate as much outdoor activity in our garden as possible. Planting, raking, watering, harvesting, sweeping as well as free play, painting or reading is incorporated in our curriculum. 


Love for nature = respect for humanity

If our children are not exposed to nature how can they develop the sense of respect and wonder for the natural world, how can they grow up to care about it? We must teach it to them and allow them to be in it, as they will soon be the stuards of the Earth, this generation will be in charge one day soon. 


Nature is everywhere

Even here in the city we can access nature. This photo is taken by the Credit river in  Mississauga, a simple walk near the river can teach the child so much. There are so many plants and animals around. Being exposed to nature every day creates a calm and peace in everyone's body. Montessori in the Woods in Mississauga hopes to inspire  and encourage parents to explore what is available right here in the city and involve their children in daily walks and some exposure to nature.